It's common for Twitter users to insert the clap emoji between words to ๐Ÿ‘emphasize๐Ÿ‘what๐Ÿ‘they're๐Ÿ‘saying๐Ÿ‘. @lol_yelling is a bot that finds and retweets those tweets. Read about why I made it in BuzzFeed News, or how I made it below.


Twitter doesn't support search for emojis. To build this, I had to use the Emoji Data node package and a regular expression on top of the Twitter Stream API. 

I used the Twit node.js package to connect to the Twitter Stream API, then plugged in the Emoji Data node.js package to search Twitter in real-time for tweets containing ๐Ÿ‘. 

I then ran the resulting feed of tweets containing "๐Ÿ‘" through a regular expression to keep only tweets that contain "๐Ÿ‘ (text)๐Ÿ‘ (text)๐Ÿ‘ ".


"Anywhere within the tweet, look for a clap emoji, followed by a word or digit, and maybe a space, followed by another clap emoji, followed by a word or digit and maybe a space, followed by a clap emoji."


While bots commonly require supervision, it seems that this bot, which by nature retweets strong convictions, requires much more supervision than I'm able to provide. I turned off the bot because I couldn't stop it from finding tweets that couldn't be filtered by something like Wordfilter, as they didn't contain any specific keywords.

Over 400 perfectly clean tweets remain @lol_yelling.


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