A personal altar space of 42 electric candles, powered by the Soul Cyclist. The candles are dynamically wired at different thresholds, resulting in waves and flickers of light. It's a soothing experience.

Depending on how hard the biker is pedaling, their pedaling will spin a motor head to produce 5-10 Volts. This powers a dynamic circuit of 42 electric candles, housed in a wooden altar I constructed around the bike's front basket. The system is directly responsive to the biker's movements. If the biker pedals harder, the lights burn brighter. If the biker stops pedaling, the candles turn off instantly, even as the back wheel continues to spin.

I've never been to Soul Cycle.

MATERIALS Bicycle, bicycle trainer, bike chain, DC scooter motor, plywood, balsa wood, bike basket, electric candles. THANK YOU Benedetta Piantella, Liam Allan, Ben Light.

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