Commissioned by: Eden Sher
Role: Designer and Developer
Tools: HTML / CSS, JavaScript, PHP, Adobe CS, Twitter API, Google Analytics
Year: 2013

The Emotionary is a collection of Eden Sher's  invented "words that don't exist for feelings that do." I designed the website's visual identity and UX/UI, and developed the entire site, in under six weeks. The Emotionary debuted on ABC's The View, and now thrives offline as a book published by Penguin Random House.

The goal was to showcase each of the 40+ words, and to build a framework for visitors to engage with the project. I designed a UX strategy that encourages recirculation through the site and engagement with the project.

The site had three distinct ways to explore the vocabulary- as a slideshow, as a web of related words, or as a list of all words.

I also designed and built a number of ways to engage with the vocabulary. I custom built a Twitter share button to match the visual identity of the site, and pre-wrote a tweet for every term. Visitors could submit a word via a custom form I built with PHP, which brought in gems like "Instacurity." Lastly, for any given word, visitors could simply click on a button that read "Feelin' It," which would change to "Felt" when clicked. SVA Design Director Liz Danzico liked that. 

Within the first 3 months, the site received 80,000 unique visitors, who on average viewed 8 pages per visit. Thousands of users tweeted their favorite words. The site has since grown even more popular (view the Twitter search for "Emotionary" here) and now lives offline as a book published by Penguin Random House.