Commissioned By: Sunbunker
Location: Kinfolk Store, Brooklyn, NY
Project: Interactive Installation
Role: Interaction Designer and Engineer
Tools: Kinect, TouchDesigner, Teensy, NeoPixels
Timeframe: 2 weeks
Year: 2017

Installation showcasing the Levis x Google commuter jacket, embedded within an interactive ecosystem of vertical pendant lights. 

The interactive design component uses Kinect image sensors mounted on the underside of the custom maple wood structure to collect motion input from street level activity. I developed custom software and hardware to parse the Kinect sensor data into animations displayed across an LED array. 

These custom settings are triggered by motion data captured from pedestrian movement outside the store. From a distance, pedestrians view the lights moving in waves back and forth across the width of the storefront. As a viewer draws closer to the window display, the lights transition to pulsing, radiating from the jacket at the center of the display.

Huge thanks to Gabe Liberti who introduced me to Teensy powered NeoPixel strand animations with TouchDesigner, and showed me the way.