Commissioned by: The NYU Ability Project through NYC Media Lab for Spectrum Cable
Project: Work with end-users to research, redesign and prototype accessibility improvements for Spectrum cable's products.
Role: UX/UI Designer and Researcher
Tools: User-Centered Design Process, Keynote (screenreader compatible), HTML
Timeframe: 8 week intensive
Year: 2017

The NYU Ability Project partnered with Charter Spectrum and the NYC Media Lab to research universal design in home entertainment.

The work spanned an interdisciplinary team in conducting user research, rapid prototyping and testing with individuals with disabilities to inform Charter’s accessibility strategy.

As GUI team lead, I led the portion of the study specifically assessing Spectrum's website. After user testing the current user interface, our team prototyped and user-tested a redesigned version. We successfully built the GUI to be screenreader useable, and invited end-user testers to test the prototype for graphical, cognitive and screenreader usability. We found our prototype to be a significant improvement against Spectrum's current site.

Deliverables for the broader project included a whitepaper detailing:

  • Competitive analysis
  • Usability testing insights
  • Experimental prototypes (GUI, remote control, onboarding and AI-based voiceover) and usability testing insights
  • UX and company-wide recommendations 

Report details are available here